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About Edvard Derkert
Edvard Derkert started his career as an artist in the late 80s doing collages for the Galago magazine. In 1991 he began to publish works, on a more or less regular basis, in Aftonbladet, a major Swedish newspaper. Before perusing his vocation for visual arts he worked as a teacher, musician and journalist.

Edvard Derkert is self-taught when it comes to art and graphic design. He started out in early years cutting up his parents Life magazine. But his love for music interrupted the collage making impulse. After years of playing with jazz and rock bands he returned to art and especially the collage. In the mid 90s he started to use the computer as his main tool of expression. It is still "cut and paste" but without the scissors and the glue. The computer was just right for Derkert and also enabled him to work as a graphic designer.


Edvard Derkert has written and published art books and books about art. Manifest mot samtiden (Manifesto against contemporary times), Cut and Paste and Smashing Champion Secrets. He is now working on a book with mock cover art and if he gets the funding he will one day finish his big book about collage.


Edvard Derkert is active as a curator. In 2008 he and some friends started Gallery KG52 in Stockholm. For KG52 he curated two international shows with collage and mailart. He is now and is mainly engaged in the small artist-driven Nationalgalleriet.


Edvard Derkert has worked as a teacher at for example Beckmans Design School, Lärarhögskolan (Teacher education), Konstfack (university college of art, crafts and design), Gotlands högskola, Örebro univeristet. Media, information design, pedagogy, graphic design, etc etc. He also holds lectures on collage, its history and its theory and practice.


A short CV the longer version

Aftonbladet, Forskning och Framsteg, Dagens Nyheter, Moderna Tider, Galago, Arena, Musik, Metallarbetaren, Pedagogiskt magasin Dragon Records, Stockholms Stadsbibliotek, Bonniers förlag, Ordfront, Natur och Kultur, Stockholms Landsting, Leopard Förlag, W&W, AMS, tidningen VI, Ordfront Magasin, Journalisten, Dik forum, Arche, Kollega, etc


one man shows
Galleri Asterix, Stockholm –10
Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm –10
Kuturens hus, Luleå, – 09
Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm – 07
Galleri Bibb, Stockholm -07
Konstepidemin, Göteborg – 07
Kulturhuset, Stockholm – 1999
Galleri Bibb, Stockholm – 96
Galleri Agueli, Stockholm – 93


group shows
Supermarket Art Fair – 12
Galerie Bernsteinzimmer, Nürnberg – 11
Climate gallery – 10, New York
1/gang, Bonn -09
Gallery KG52, Stockholm Cut & Paste – 09
Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm – 07/08/09 etc
Grafikens hus, Mariefred – 07
Galleri Bibb, Stockholm Tillåtet/Förbjudet – 07
Mikkele Illustration Triennial – 99
Galleri Bibb “typos; tekn, teckning” – 98
Kulturcentrum, Örebro – 96
HG 5, Galago Festival, Stockholm – 91 och 92
Galleri Tornhuset, Svensk Satir, Umeå -90/91


academic studies


Örebro universitet
Gotlands Högskola
Sveriges Radio